About CELT



CELT is well-established for providing a combined total of over 20 years technical expertise and assistance to Police forces and the Banking community. The majority of UK Police forces have used our services as well as other European and North American Forces. We consider ourselves the leading experts in relation to Credit Card fraud and other fraud related crime in the UK.

Our services are available to both prosecution and defence agencies, along with commercial clients. In the criminal enquiries we have assisted in, over 90% have resulted in avoiding a full trial. CELT is renowned for producing reports of the highest standards. Our reports are intentionally written in layman's terms for ease of understanding and subsequent presentation at court/tribunal.

Some areas in which we have particular expertise are cases involving:

Credit card fraud

ATM crime

Hi-Tech crime

Card not present/Account takeover


We work closely with the UK Banking Community and are their preferred technical experts for computer-related fraud involving credit cards. We have developed techniques and software applications to recognize credit card data stored on computer hard drives, identifying the issuing country and bank at unsurpassed speeds.

We work closely with numerous national and international Police Forces in tackling fraud, not only in reactive investigations, but also with pro-active intelligence gathering. In this field we have also developed techniques and software to assist us in producing the best possible evidence in the easy to understand format for which we are renowned.

We are experienced in presenting our findings as technical experts in all levels of criminal and civil courts. We assist in training police and judicial personnel in hi-tech crime investigative techniques both in the UK and Europe. We make presentations at international conferences dedicated to credit card fraud. We have now been directly involved in excess of 2,000 police investigations.

At CELT, our investigators are not only experienced technical experts but include personnel who have had UK security clearance, experts in electronics and ex-police officers.